Lately, I have been getting a lot of questions about Mitchell Weijerman and the Early Retirement Club. The major concern is whether the program is legit and if he can be relied upon. In this article, I will provide you with everything you should know about Mitchell Weijerman’s program for financial independence based on my firsthand experience with the program. Continue reading to find out more about the Early Retirement Club.

What was the key catalyst that introduced me to Mitchell Weijerman and the life-changing Early Retirement Club?

The search for financial independence is one that requires a lot of patience, attention to detail, and precautions, as there are many scams out there. Before now, I have tried different approaches and investment plans proposed online, but most of them didn’t work, and some turned out to be scams. That didn’t stop me from looking because I understand the importance of gaining financial independence.

You’ll always find me performing online research, seeking referrals and recommendations, and even attending educational conferences and events, and this leads me to Mitchell Weijerman and the life-changing Early Retirement Club. A friend on LinkedIn recommended the program, so I decided to do some digging to learn more about Mitchell and the program, and today, I can boldly tell you that this is no scam but a real solution to gaining financial independence.

Who is Mitchell Weijerman, and can he be relied upon?

I first came across Mitchell Weijerman a couple of months ago, and this was after a friend recommended his program. However, we didn’t interact with each other until we met at a conference in Amsterdam, and I was really impressed.

He is the founder of the Early Retirement Club, a program that started in July 2022. The Early Retirement Club is a company that provides online education to professionals seeking to build passive investment income. This is a great movement towards helping the financial well-being of humanity, and the program achieves this by providing the right skills, blueprint, and mindset to allow people to live their best life.

The main offers members of the club receive include 24/7 support, true accountability, a community of winners, the latest market research, personalized mentorship, and a proven game plan. Basically, there’s so much to get from Mitchell Weijerman’s program for financial independence.

The Early Retirement Club is not the only thing to know about Mitchell Weijerman. Upon further research, I found that he has a really impressive portfolio. Here’s a brief overview of his educational background:

    • 2004-2010: Christelijke Scholengemeenschap Buitenveldert, V.W.O., Pre-University Education where he took Economics and Management, with Physics and Natural Science as electives.
    • 2012-2013: Hong Kong Baptist University on an exchange program

2013: Harvard University

2010-2013: Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, where he earned his BSc in International Business Administration, Innovation Management.

Mitchell Weijarman’s passion for learning didn’t stop there, and between 2014 to 2017, he earned a BEng (Hons) in Electronic & Electrical Engineering.

Apart from his educational background, Mitchell’s work experience also made me realize that he’s the best person to show me the path to financial independence. Between 2017 to 2020, he was a Co-founder and CEO of Unstoppable Lifestyle BV, a company built from scratch to more than $10 million in revenue, with more than 8000 happy customers.

He also advanced his career between 2017 to 2022, a timeline when he was a Member of the Board of Advisors at Qumax Brands. Qumax Brands is known for creating, acquiring, and scaling successful e-commerce brands. Mitchell also became a Co-founder and Managing Partner at Epic Mining in 2021. Epic Mining is a company with the mission of making Bitcoin Mining and Investing a lot more reliable, profitable, accessible, and easier for everyone.

For someone with such an impressive background and portfolio, you can’t expect less from him. Joining the Early Retirement Club and learning from Mitchell Weijerman has given me the results I need for my financial independence, and I can confidently tell you that he can be relied upon.

What considerations played a role in my choice to join Mitchell Weijerman’s Early Retirement Club?

Before joining the Early Retirement Club, I had a lot of things to consider, but the main force that informed my decision was Mitchell’s financial expertise, membership benefits, and community and support of the program.

Mitchell Weijerman has an impressive track record in scaling and building businesses from scratch. An example is the Unstoppable Lifestyle BV, a company he built from scratch and scaled to a revenue of more than $10 million and over 8000 happy customers within three years. Another impressive example is Epic Mining, for which he’s also a Co-founder and Manager Partner.

Over the years, I realized that Mitchell has stayed committed to growing within the financial sector and helping others learn skills that will take their lives and businesses to higher levels. This has been a driving force for him, even long before he started the Early Retirement Club.

Apart from his financial expertise, another consideration that played a role in my choice to join Mitchell Weijerman’s Early Retirement Club is the membership benefits offered. These benefits include the following:

  • Access to a community of investors from different parts of the world, thereby expanding your opportunity to learn best practices from like-minded people.
  • 90-day program that provides a stepwise guide on how you can make your money work for you and track the results you get.
  • Daily newsletter that provides a summary of investment strategies, so you don’t spend so much time finding these strategies yourself.
  • Access to Mitchell’s personal research vault for people who would like to copy-paste his research strategies and investments.
  • Investment finder to help you identify profitable investment opportunities.
  • Access to an automated portfolio manager system to help you manage your investment portfolio.
  • Access to plug-and-play templates, cheat sheets, guides, and calculators allows you to get off on the right foot.

After joining the club, the level of community engagement and support within the club made me realize that I was in the right place. The opportunity to interact with other members, peer learning, and the availability of discussion groups or forums that allow members to ask questions, seek advice and share their experiences are all opportunities you’ll hardly find anywhere.


Here are some real-life testimonials from other individuals with a firsthand experience of the Early Retirement Club Program:

  • Jeff:” I’m on my way to financial freedom!” Jeff and his wife own a small car repair shop, and he makes a good living. However, he wasn’t sure about how to invest until he came across the Early Retirement Club. He highlights that he could already see changes in his finances within three months of joining the program. The Early Retirement Club is not a get-rich-quick scheme but one that places you on the right path to becoming completely financially independent.
  • Christos:” I now have a plan to achieve my financial goals in the next 2-4 years.” Christos joined the Early Retirement Club program in January, but before then, he had been following Mitchell Weijerman across different platforms, including Instagram. He had also come across different recommendations about Mitchell before he finally decided to join the Early Retirement Club program. According to Christos, he has learned a lot from the first two modules of the course, and this changed his mindset about a lot of things. He recommends the Early Retirement Club for anyone looking for a long-term goal and plans to achieve financial independence.
  • Priscilla: “I have rewritten the source code in my brain for financial success.” She highlights that she joined the Early Retirement Club because of Mitchell’s social media posts, where he shared his stories and how he retired at a very young age. At the point of the interview, she had only just finished the first model of the course, but she was very positive because she had already learned a lot. This includes how she can use her brain power for important things and how much money she really needs to retire at a very early age. She has already recommended the course to her friends and family and also recommends it for anyone looking to be the captain of their ship to financial freedom.
  • Mirjam: “ERC has given me peace of mind, knowing I can retire safely.” She joined ERC because she wants to become financially free within the next few years and not have to worry about paying bills. She also seeks a diversified plan for her investment portfolio. According to her, the lesson provided is about 45 minutes, which isn’t so long, and it’s an active way to learn, as there are homework and Excel sheets provided. According to her, joining the Early Investment Club is an investment in yourself and your future.

These are only a few testimonials from people with firsthand experience of the Early Retirement Club program. There are many other testimonials, all of which point to the fact that Mitchel Weijerman is not a scam and that the Early Retirement Club is completely worth it. Therefore, if you want to gain financial freedom and retire young, I advise enrolling in the 90-day program now.

Bottom Line: Is Mitchell Weijerman’s Early Retirement Club Really Legit?

He is definitely not a scammer or a fraud, and the Early Retirement Club is legit. Academically, Mitchell Weijerman has spent considerable time learning different skills and bagging different degrees. In addition, Mitchell has a proven track record in the financial sector, has grown different businesses from scratch, and scaling their revenue to millions of dollars quickly.

The Early Retirement Club also lives up to its name, with students worldwide who have had firsthand experience with the program and are now on the right track to financial independence. There are many other evidences to show that Mitchell Weijerman’s Early Retirement Club isn’t a scam, and with that, you have nothing to worry about when you join the program.